Upload help

To add a new activity guide to the database:
1) Under POST on left, Click “ADD NEW”.
2) On top line, Enter NAME of the activity guide.

2) Click image icon (first icon to the right of “Upload/Insert”) to attach a file (may attach word file, image files, pdf files. Attach multiple files if applicable).

3) Click (file URL) to complete upload to the site.

4) Click (Insert into Post).

5 ) On the Right of the screen, check all applicable categories for the activity guide you are adding.

6) Type a brief description of the activity guide in the field marked, “EXCERPT”.

7) On the upper Right of screen, click (blue) “PUBLISH” to publish your activity guide. “Post updated message indicates successful completion of operation.  Verify by returning to main site and viewing the activity guide.

To view all activity guides  from this page:
-click on “POSTS” from the far left column

To change an existing activity guide  from this page:
-click on “EDIT” from the far left hand column. Type activity guide name in search box or use scroll bar to locate the activity guide you wish to change.


screen image for help screen