Story-Video Room

You are a famous author or director! The Wizard is your literary agent! When you visit the story/video room you are at your literary best! Your creative juices are flowing! You can write fiction, science fiction, mystery, poetry, humor, drama …the pen is at your command! (or the mouse, since you’ll probably be using the Macintosh to write!) The story/video room lives onthe Macintosh, in a folder called Word. If you don’t know how to get there, ask a Chief Wizard’sAssistant! Depending on HOW INSPIREDyou are, write a chapter of a story and send itto someone else to finish, finish someone else’s story, or be a Hollywood writer and write ascript! You will have the opportunity to produce your story or script on video. You are the
director. The Wizard will be your editor. Start those creative juices flowing!

Click to view or download: Story-Video Room taskcard