Carmen Word (2006)

Grammar, Spelling & Vocabulary All-in-One. As Agent 13, your mission is to free a dozen babbling ACME agents by completing over 60 activities that will further develop your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Good Luck! Ages: 8 to 14. Fun, Educational Activities Help You Learn. Spelling – Practice spelling in activities that appear in each mission, or go to Practice Mode, where you can access any or all of the spelling lists. Practice up to 10,000 words. Create custom spelling lists. Singular & plural. Learn 50 common spelling rules. Identify correct spellings. Fill in missing letters to form words. Unscramble letters to form words. Spellcheck up to 100,000 words. Vocabulary – Expand your vocabulary by learning new: Word definitions; Greek & Latin word roots; Prefixes; Suffixes; Use of words in context. Grammar – Discover fun facts you never knew about Carmen through 18 original stories that help you better understand: Parts of speech; Punctuation; Sentence structure; Subject-verb agreement. Over 100 grammar rules. Plus! Strategy & logic; Alphabetizing; Dictionary & reference skills; Educational Benefits: Over 60 different activities 3 levels of difficulty; Thousands of exercises; Electronic dictionary with over 3,000 words; Customizable spelling lists; On-screen Progress report; Practice Mode

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