DST Animation [Video]

This is Whittier Fifth Dimension’s adventure card for DST Animation.  The citizens create their own stop-motion video.  This adventure card is very involved and time-consuming, but the end product is always worth it.

For this task you will need: A whiteboard, dry erase markers, and a video camera.

Have your partner decide what the story line is and which items will be stationary and which parts will be moving.  You will film a lot of short (2-3 second) clips.  Between each clip, have your partner slightly move whatever pieces will be moving.

I have an example page, that is too large to upload to the site, but if you’d like a copy to help make sense of the adventure, please email me, Richard, at: richardsemailis@yahoo.com.

At our site, we use Apple computers, and the video editing program we use is IMovieHD.

DST Animation [Video] (English)

DST Animation [Video] (Spanish)